Click here for my YouTube videos on tongues.
Today's Tongues, by Bryce Hartin, is a small book which gives a counsellor's eye-opening insight into today's speaking in tongues phenomena. This booklet takes very little time to read yet gives a clear and convincing Biblical argument showing the clear error of  today's tongues. To download, right click here then 'save target as...' or 'save link as...'.
To download in a printable booklet format, click here. (Print on both sides of paper).

Click here for A Simple Tongues Chart which gives a very simple argument to show that the gift of tongues has ceased. Included is a Timeline of the cessation of Tongues, Prophecy, Knowledge, Faith and Hope.
To use as a tract, print on both sides of the paper. Click here for the KJV version.
Click here for my YouTube video on this Timeline. It's called Speaking In Tongues Part A.

All About Speaking In Tongues, by Fernand Legrand (an ex-Pentecostal), reveals how Pentecostals 'created' the Charismatic Catholics. This book is well written by someone in the know. Speaking in tongues is carefully examined in this book. To download, right click here then 'save target as...' or 'save link as...'.

Click here for a very good article, by Sola Scriptura, on why prophecy, knowledge and tongues have ceased.

The term 'face to face'
The Doctrine Of Tongues is a little book which was written sometime before 1967 by W. G. Broadbent and covers the subject very well. He deals extensively with the term 'face to face'.

For further insight into the term 'face to face' see the small article Face To Face And The Laver.

Other books and articles
Tongues Have Ceased - A Brief Summary is a short Biblical outline showing that tongues have indeed ceased.
To download as a PDF, right click here then 'save target as...' or 'save link as...'.
To download as a one page foldable tract, click here (print on both sides of the paper).

Click here for
Some Comments On 1 Cor. 14 - "don't forbid tongues"; tongues of angels; tongues a prayer language etc.

Click here for a small article called
Tongues As A Sign Of Judgment.

Azusa Street - The Birth Of A Lie by KB Napier.

Apostles And Prophets Today - a small article on why we no longer have Apostles and Prophets.

Counselling Tongues Speaking People, by Bryce Hartin, has been written as a  result of observation and personal counselling of those who 'speak in tongues' or have been 'slain in the spirit' or have been 'prayed over in tongues' or had 'hands laid upon them.' To download, right click here then 'save target as...' or 'save link as...'.

Deliverance - an article on deliverance from satanic forces.

We All Fall Down, an investigation into the experience known as 'Slain In The Spirit'.
To download, right click here then 'save target as...' or 'save link as...'.

Satan Wants Your Mind - A small book showing the deception used by satan to get control of our minds.
Go to the download page: http://www.christianissues.biz/thechristian.html

A Tongues Tract by E. L. Bynum.

Click here for some short videos on tongues.

Go to The Way Of Peace for an article on hearing and following Jesus' voice.

Articles related to the tongues phenomena are:
The Ecumenical Movement
YWAMs Ecumenical Error
Roman Catholicism

Some other free books are available at:
and the following link has books as well as various other material

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