Luke 17 and the Rapture (Pre Trib or Post Tribulation Rapture?)

The following chart and text examine the verses in Luke 17:24-36 which are entirely about the day Jesus returns like lightning. I start with Matt. 24 to show the timing of the verses in Luke 17:24-36.

Point 3 on the chart is Matt. 24:21, the Great Tribulation, and then after the tribulation …
Point 5 (Matt. 24:27, 30) says that Jesus will appear like lightning – Luke 17:24 is the parallel verse.
Now let’s follow the verses in Luke 17 which describe Jesus’ return AFTER the Great Tribulation.
Points 6 and 7 (Luke 17:26-29) describe the sudden destruction of sinners in the days of Noah and Lot then …
Point 8 (Luke 17:30) says that it (the destruction) will be just the same when Jesus returns. Also …
Point 9 (Luke 17:31-33) says that “ON THAT DAY” no one should look to earthly things but to remember Lot’s wife because …
Points 10 and 11 (Luke 17:34-35) say that “one will be taken and the other left” and this is the Rapture.
So, AFTER the Great Tribulation, Jesus will return like lightning to rapture believers and to destroy sinners.

This chart shows the flow of events as:
1) The Antichrist ………………………………… at Point 1.
2) The Great Tribulation ………………………… at Point 3.
3) Jesus appears like lightening …………………. at Point 5.
4) The Rapture and the Day Of The Lord ……….. at Points 8 to 11.
Rescuing the righteous and then destroying the sinners was the pattern in the days of Noah and Lot and Jesus said, in Luke 17:30, that it would be the same when He returns.

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